A learner who creates a disturbance (talks) or behaves in an improper manner so that he/she is preventing an exam from commencing will be removed for 15 minutes (forfeited) before he/she can start the exam.

The script of a learner who creates a disturbance (talks) or behaves in an improper manner during the exams or a learner who disregards the arrangement or reasonable instruction of a teacher or parent on official duty, will be taken away – even if it is at the end of the exam session – and such a learner will have to rewrite the paper using only the time left for the duration of said exam.

  •  Any inappropriate answer in an exam question paper can lead to the learner getting zero (or losing a percentage of the marks) for the paper.

Inappropriate answers include the following but are not limited to:

  • I do not know
  • We did not get taught this
  • Unacceptable language
  • Discriminatory or racist remarks
  • Inappropriate drawings
  • Swear words or crude language
  • Addressing the teacher, examiner or moderator

The link below is a circular from the WCED listing the sanctions for exam irregularities for the National Senior Certificate Exams.  Grade 12 parents please read carefully.

Please note we follow this as a guideline and apply similar sanctions for all grades should any irregularities occur.



PLAGIARISM is a serious offence !

The noun is derived from the verb ‘plagiarise’, which is defined as follows: Take (the work or idea of someone else) and pretend it is one’s own.   The ‘someone’ else could, for example, be the author of a book or piece of writing or a speech; the internet; another pupil’s work.  The benefit of the exercise is also lost if parents do the work for them.

If pupils commit this offence, they must expect:

  • to get 0 for an assignment;
  • to be punished for dishonesty;
  • that their parents will be informed;
  • that the person from whom they copied will also be punished.

When preparing your project:

  1. State information clearly in your own words.
  2. All projects must contain the statement of authenticity.
  3. Projects should have an individualistic slant which makes it impossible to copy from another learner.

When handing in your project:

  1. All rough work should also be handed in.
  2. Bibliographies should be set out correctly.
  3. Group projects should include a note stating who did what with the project.


I hereby declare that this work is my own, and that, where I have used other sources, I have clearly acknowledged these by indicating anything quoted and the source, and where I have used ideas, I have indicated the source.