Our School Shop

Our School Shop makes every effort to provide good quality products at fair prices.  We sell all our clothing and various items of stationery.

We eoncourage our parents to make use of shop for their stationery and clothing purchases. 


School Shop contact:

Miss Crossley - 021 558 1132 ext 219  email

Download stationery form for ordering stationery from school shop

learner stationery order 2018.doc



Stationery prices
 Item Price 
192 pg Hardcover book


288 pg Hardcover book


96pg Hardcover Exercise book R9
72pg Softcover Exercise book R4
72 pg Creditors Journal R5
72pg Journal book R5
72pg Ledger book R5
Exam pad 80pg R9
Carry Folder R5
Display Folder 20pg R13
Plastic sleeves (pack of 10) R5
Pritt 22gr R23
Highlighter R5
Small Stapler R17
Box of staples R3
Basic Maths Set R15
Calculator Casio FX-82ZA Plus  R240
Ruler R2
Metal Sharpener R6
Medium eraser R2
Blue pen R2
Black pen R2
Pencils R2
Clutch pencil R11
Leads 0,5mm R2
Blunt nosed scissors R5
Oxford English Dictionary  R140
Oxford English/Afrikaans Dictionary R140
Casio FX-82ZA Plus Calculator R200





Clothing prices
Item Price


Blazer buttons small/large


Jersey (long sleeved) R190
Jersey (sleeveless) R160
School shirt R110
Skirt R160
Grey Trousers R140
Grey Shorts R130
Boys' long socks with stripes R40
Garters R10
Ties R60
1st Team ties R60
Belts R60
Girls' white socks with Canterbury Cross R35
Boys' grey socks (short) R30 - R35
Rain coat (drimac) R235
Gloves R35
Scarf R65
Stockings (woollen) R70
Stockings - ladderless (black) R45
White sports/Phys Ed top R100
House T-shirt R65
Skorts R105
Sports Shorts - standard  R75
Sports Shorts - red or blue  R140 
Sports Skirts - red or blue R110
Girls' team tops R160
Softball pants (red or blue) R330
School Cycling Top R325
Boys' team tops R190
First Team sports socks R60
Long Sport socks R50
Cricket hat R90
Cricket trousers R130
Cricket shirt R135
Rugby top R250
Rugby shorts R75
Rugby undershorts R160
Girls' swimming costume R180
Boys' swimming costume R140
EHS swimming cap R60
EHS cap R75
Tracksuit pants R100
Tracksuit jacket R210
Tog bags R165
Back pack R235
Small case R110
Large case R125
Inner box R20
Supporters Jacket (parents only) R350
Pupils Rain Jacket with fleece lining R320
Umbrella R120
Boys Buccaneer Lace-up shoe R290
Girls Buccaneer Baby Doll buckle-up shoe R275