Awards Criteria

Award types:

1.    Certificate - All teams  

Criteria are:

  • Not able to achieve a scroll award - normally junior players or players who have not played a full season of first team sport, but are still worthy of recognition.
  • Attendance = 75%+
  • Attitude = exemplary
  • Effort = involved fully
  • Sportsmanship = example to team and the rest of EHS in dress and bearing recognition.

2.    First team ties

All 1st team players, in grade 10 to 12, who have played 50% of the seasons matches are awarded a 1st team certificate - this allows them to purchase a 1st team tie at the clothing store.

3.    Scroll Awards

These are the prestige awards for sport at the school and have three levels: merit, colours & honours.  A player has to be a member of a first team (grade 10 to 12) to be awarded these awards.  Awards are made at the annual Sports Awards Dinners. 

 The Procedure for the Nomination of Scroll Awards

  • Coach or team manager lists all team members
  • Forms are completed assessing the sportsperson on their commitment to the team, achievements during the season and their sportsmanship
  • All 1st team players who have played or were selected for over 75% of games for that season are eligible for a Merit award provided sportsmanship and commitment were of a high level
  • Team players whose skills raise them above the rest of the team can be nominated for a Colours award at the discretion of the coach/manager
  • Team players who are selected for an U18 provincial side in the sport are eligible for an Honours award
  • These awards qualify pupils to purchase a scroll at the clothing store for their blazer
  • All decisions are discussed and ratified by the Sports Awards Committee that meets at the end of each season
  • Criteria may be adapted at the discretion of the Sports Awards Committee

Some sports require minimum qualifications to be achieved:

  • Cross Country
  • Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Road Running
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field