Summer Sports


Athletics is available for Boys and Girls and covers all events such as sprints, middle distance, long distance and field items. Highlight on the Athletics calendar is competing in the annual Inter schools at Camps Bay High.

Facilities:  We have a track marked on our school field as well as the necessary equipment for field events.

Teacher in charge:   - Miss Besener - send mail



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Cricket is our major summer sport for boys at Edgemead High School. We have on average 6 teams entered in the league.  Every year our first team travels to Vredenburg for the weekend early in term one to play a match against Hoërskool Vredenburg. This event involves most families traveling out with the boys and making a weekend of the event.

Facilities:  We have two pitches, junior and a senior, and 6 cricket nets.

Teacher in charge:  Mr Myburgh - send mail



This is the team to belong to.  Never has there been a more enthusiatic group for sportsman and woman.  2015 was the year of super growth in the squad with new Edgemead tops, a custom-made trailer donated to the school and participation in the Spur series and several other hard-core MTB rides.

Facilities:  We have a large custom trailer and school bus available and many trails on our door-step

Teacher in charge:  Mrs Moreland - send mail


Road running

The road runners make up the backbone of the Athletics squad that goes to Camps Bay every year.  Many of our runners participate in the local club races on weekends.  The road running squad trains throughout the year.

Running is a lifestyle sport which can be enjoyed for many years after school. Pupils are encouraged to develop a love for running.

Facilities:  We have a wonderful suburb that we run around regularly and the availability of the Natural Heritage Site provides off-road experience.

Teacher in charge: Mr Smit - send mail


Softball is a girl's only sport at EHS. It is very popular amongst the girls with EHS fielding 4 teams each season.

Facilities:  We have 4 softball fields available for practice and matches.

Teacher in charge:  Mrs Lamour - send mail



unfortunately we no longer offer swimming due to the drought

Under the supervision of Miss Goncalves plenty of fitness training and swimming experience has honed our swimming squad into a disciplined team of boys and girls that are a credit to our school's image.

All swimmers are expected to practice on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Galas are on Thursdays at various schools across the peninsula.

Swimmers who are involved in more than one sport at the school must bring a letter from the teacher in charge of their second sport if they cannot make swimming training on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Swimmers who are unable to attend one day of swimming training because of sport outside the school must bring a letter from their parents to confirm this.

Facilities:  Training takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at Goodwood pool. The bus leaves school at 3pm promptly. Training ends at 4:30pm and the squad will return to the school by 5pm at the latest.

Teacher in charge:  Miss Goncalves- send mail



Tennis is offered at both team and social levels. We work closely with Edgemead Tennis Club with the club providing the coaching for the team players, while the social players are our source of new talent. Team players play in matches on a weekly basis whereas the social players enjoy the game of tennis amongst themselves.

Facilities:  We have 6 courts at the school available for practice and matches.

Teacher in charge:  Miss S. Saunders - send mail